"Love is chasing me

Yeah love is after me

Love just doesn't leave

Love is here

And I cannot escape

Well I tried for sake"

Some words about myself

It's a spiritual hunger that drives me to sing these songs. The awareness of a loving presence. People seem to feel that when they hear me, even if they don't know it. A couple of years ago I picked up my guitar and started performing as a solo artist. This became quite a journey to me. My first official album "Grouned" recieved some great feedback in the german press, It has also been featured on several channels of the indie folk szene wordwilde. In 2023 I released four new singles. My new album "All I Need To Know" is going to be released on september 22nd.

GROUNDED - The Album

01    In the Darkness

03    Mountain Top

04    Thanks I'm Fine

05    Long Lost Friend

"He doesn't stage his music too euphoric, cheerful and intrusive, but also does not drift into melancholy. Instead he radiates an incredible calmness"

-Acoustic Guitar Magazine-


I love these channels on Youtube that feature spontaneous unplugged sessions, like tiny desk, mahogany sessions or 7 Layers. That's why I started to record live versions of my songs in lost places or in the middle of nature.

Free music & stories

I'd love to share some of my music with You FOR FREE. I do this in a little email series. Every song comes with a background story and lyrics. I found out that people really like the stories I tell on concerts. Some are quiet funny, some are more serious. I was often told to keep on doing this. So I thought it might be a good idea to write it down and share it with people out there.

Wanna go on this journey with me?

Artist Shop

I have an artist shop on Musicglue, just like Bear's Den, Lucy Rose or many other musicians I love. It's always a good thing to buy directly from the artist. You can get digital dowloads or handsigned CDs there for favourable prices. I'm planning to get some merch together soon. Have a look!

Press & Feedback

“As he began to sing everything changed: He had stories to tell, stories that captured him and his audience: With his eyes closed and the rhythm working its way through his body while he’s singing and playing the guitar, he opens up whole different realms.”

- "Der Westfälische Anzeiger" about a gig in Hamm -

“There’s something special about Timo’s voice: Power. Something that needs to get out, without being obtrusive in any way.”

- An attentive photographer at a concert in Oberhausen -

“With a voice and songs that surely don’t have to hide from Albert Hammond, and angelic Cello accompaniment, the multi instrumentalist presents an album with eleven potential hits in folk music.”

- Chris Elstrodt, "Der Folker" -

“His music is neither too euphoric, too happy or obtrusive nor too melancholic. Instead, he radiates an incredible sense of calmness.”

- Marc Anders, "Akustikgitarre" -

Live in Concert

Gigs 2023


Dorsten, Germany



Eupen, Belgien

Alter Schlachthof


Haltern, Germany



Enschede, The Netherlands



Wuppertal, Germany



Schloß Ringenberg, Germany



Grevenbroich, Germany

Kultus Cafe


Bochum, Germany



Meppen, Germany



Osnabrück, Germany



Dülmen, Germany

Dülmener Sommer


Wesel, Germany

Altes Wasserwerk


Bocholt, Germany

Alte Molkerei


Osnabrück, Germany

Live im Grünen


Emden, Germany

Cafe Einstein


Kleve, Germany

Culucu Bar


Wesel, Germany

Karo Jugendzentrum


Rees, Germany

Buenna Ressa