​"Love is chasing me​

​Yeah love is after me

​Love just doesn't leave

Love is here

And I cannot escape

Well I tried for sake"

Some words about myself

​​It's a spiritual hunger that ​drives me to sing these songs. ​The awareness ​of a loving presence. People seem to feel that when they hear me, even if they don't know it. A couple of years ago I ​picked up my guitar and started ​performing as a solo artist. This became quiet a journey to me. ​It began at an open mic in my tiny hometown here in germany.​ I will never forget the tons of positive feedback I got that night. ​Since then I never stopped ​​singing my heart out on every​ stage I could get on. Finally I ​went on the adventurous journey of ​recording an Album with some amazing guest musicians. It's called "Grounded". Hope you ​​have a great time listening!

GROUNDED - The Album

"He doesn't stage his music too euphoric, cheerful and intrusive, but also does not drift into melancholy. Instead he radiates an incredible calmness"

​-Acoustic Guitar Magazine-


I love these channels on Youtube that feature spontaneous unplugged sessions, like tiny desk, mahogany sessions or 7 Layers. That's why I started to record live versions of my songs in lost places or in the middle of nature.

​Free music & stories

​I'd love to share some of my music with You FOR FREE. I do this in a little email series. Every song comes with a ​background story and lyrics. ​I found out that people really like ​the stories I tell on concerts. So​me are quiet funny, some are more serious. I was often told to keep on doing this. ​So I thought it might be a good idea to write it down and share it with people out there.

​Wanna go on this journey with me?

Artist Shop

I have ​an artist shop on Musicglue, just like ​​Bear's Den, Lucy Rose​ or many other ​musicians I love. It's always a good thing to buy directly from the artist. You can get digital dowloads or handsigned CDs there for ​favourable prices. I'm planning to get some merch together soon. ​Have a look!

Live in Concert

When I get in front of an audience I somehow outgrow myself​. Suddenly it's more than music, a bunch of listeners and me. In between songs I often I tell funny stories that people seem to enjoy a lot. I play many little concerts, most of them in germany but I'm up to playing everywhere possible. In the list below you find my upcoming gigs. These are also listed on songkick, facebook and spotify. I don't always manage to write them all down. ​The best way to be up to date about gigs in your area is to sign up to my newsletter. Did you ever think about hosting a living room concert? ​You could easily invite some friends and book me for a private show. ​Just use the email button below and shoot me a message. You can also book a home concert using the SofaConcerts page.

Upcoming Gigs