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Some words about myself

​​It's a spiritual hunger that ​drives me to sing these songs. ​The awareness ​of a loving presence. People seem to feel that when they hear me, even if they don't know it. A couple of years ago I ​picked up my guitar and started ​performing as a solo artist. This became quiet a journey to me. ​It began at an open mic in my tiny hometown here in germany.​ I will never forget the tons of positive feedback I got that night. ​Since then I never stopped ​​singing my heart out on every​ stage I could get on. Finally I ​went on the adventurous journey of ​recording an Album with some amazing guest musicians. It's called "Grounded". Hope you ​​have a great time listening!

GROUNDED - the album

"He doesn't stage his music too euphoric, cheerful and intrusive, but also does not drift into melancholy. Instead he radiates an incredible calmness"

​-Acoustic Guitar Magazine-

​Video stuff

​I love those channels on Youtube that feature ​spontaneous unplugged sessions like tiny desk, mahogany sessions or 7 Layers. ​That's why I started to record ​live versions of my songs in lost places or in ​the middle of nature. ​And then there's this ​​beautiful ​music video for "Mountain Top" that we shot ​with a young dancer I met on a concert. I​ think it's something special. ​You ​have to watch it!

​Like some free music?

I'd love to send you a collection of free tracks ​to put on ​some device or burn on CD. I do this in a little series of emails. In each mail there will be some kind of story and background of the song I'm sending. I hope ​you're gonna like to meet up this way.

Live in Concert

The magic that happens between human souls​. When I get in front of an audience I somehow outgrow myself​. Suddenly it's more than music, a bunch of listeners and me. In between songs I often I tell funny stories that people also seem to enjoy a lot. I play many little concerts, most of them in germany. In the list below you find my upcoming gigs. These are also listed on songkick, facebook and spotify. I don't always manage to write them all down. Another good way ​to be up to date about gigs is to sign up to my newsletter.

Upcoming Gigs

​Artist Shop

I have my own artist shop on Musicglue, just like ​​Bear's Den, Lucy Rose​ or many other ​musicians I love. It's always a good thing to buy directly from the artist. You can get digital dowloads or handsigned CDs there for ​favourable prices. I'm planning to get some merch together soon. Just click the button to get there.